How to Safely Shave & Groom a Dog

How to Safely Shave & Groom a Dog

I get this question posed to me quite frequently from dog owners who want to learn how to shave their dog at home safely, without having to go to a pet groomer:

“How to Safely Shave & Groom a Dog ?”

To keep the procedures short without complicating things, let me break them down into 4 easy to understand steps…

Step 1: Getting the Right Tool

The important aspect of shaving your dog is getting the correct equipment for the job.

You can’t just use whatever clipper is lying around your home.

It must be designed specifically to be used with your pet.

You should go to your local pet store to find clippers designed for dogs.

Secondly, choose a clipper designed to handle the type of coat your dog has.

Additional tools you will need in regards to clippers will be lubricants to make sure it runs smoothly.

You should also get the right type of brush.

The guide as listed above will point you in the right direction when choosing the best brush.

When choosing the right clipper there are several factors you will need to consider before making a purchase.

For example, is the clipper too loud?

Loud clippers might make your dog anxious making it difficult for them to stay put.

You should also think about getting an E comb.

This is a clipper accessory that is attached to the head of the clipper and ensures you get an even 1-inch length of hair.

Step 2: Preparation

Bathe your dog first before going through with shaving.

This ensures that there will be minimal to no tangles on their fur.

Follow the brushing and bathing guideline above and dry their coat thoroughly.

This will pretty much ensure you won’t come across any problems in regards to unruly fur during the shave.

If you find a tangle or mat even after bathing then you can try and use baby oil to gently untangle and remove these pesky mats.

Step 3: Keeping Them Still

Unless your dog gets easily restless, you can shave them on your own.

On the other hand, dogs that do get restless easily will require two persons to conduct the shaving.

One to hold and keep them relaxed and the other to perform the shaving.

Sometimes putting a leash on them is enough to keep them still.

Just make sure they don’t feel suffocated when using a restraint.

Step 4: Which Parts to Shave First

You should always start shaving those hard to reach areas.

Most dog breeds are impatient and will be constantly shuffling around.

Getting through the difficult to reach areas first when they are still well-behaved will make things a lot easier during the course of the shaving process.


There you go, I hope you have enjoyed today’s dog grooming tips from me.

Follow the 4 simple steps above and you may just be surprised that you can shave your dog on your own too!

However, if you still find it a hassle and you prefer to have a professional dog groomer do the job for you, you can contact me here to book an appointment to go over to your location to groom your favourite one!