Pet Grooming FAQs

Q. Must I make an appointment for your pet grooming services?Yes. We are looking to ensure that we are able to schedule the availability of our mobile groomers to perform the pet grooming service at your preferred date and time.

Q. How do I book an appointment for pet grooming?You can book an appointment with us for your pet by sending us a SMS or WhatsApp message to +65 84141441. Our team will respond to you ASAP.

Q. How long do I have to book an appointment in advance to groom my pet?All appointments for our pet grooming services have to be booked 3 days in advance. You can send a SMS or WhatsApp messsage to +65 84141441 for appointment booking.

Q. When do I need to make payment?We will be collecting a 50% deposit once the pet grooming appointment and arrangement is confirmed. The balance payment will be collected after the grooming is completed on-site.

Q. What are the payment options for your pet grooming services?We accept PayLah/PayNow or Cash.

Q. What do I need to prepare before the grooming appointment?We just need the pets and the owner to be present. We will take care of all the rest such as the grooming equipment needed for grooming etc.

Q. How long is the duration for a grooming session?A: Typically, we would say about 2 hours as a minimal duration. This is subject to pets’ mood on that day.

Q. Can I bring down my pets to your grooming shop? Yes, however you need to made appointment at least one day before.

Q. Do you provideĀ transport for pick up & send back service at my place? Yes, however there have additional charges for transport fee $30.

Q. Will grooming of my pets at my own house or location mess up my place?We will help the pet owner to clean up the on-site location after the pet grooming session is over, before the grooming team leaves.

Q. What are your pet grooming charges?Please refer to our Pet Grooming Prices page for our reasonable charges.