How To Brush and Bath Your Dog Like A Professional Dog Groomer

How To Brush and Bath Your Dog Like A Professional Dog Groomer

Finding a dog groomer in Singapore usually takes up quite a fair bit of our time because we want our beloved fur friend to get pamper by the service pet groomer gives.  

If you want to learn how to brush and bath your dog like a professional dog groomer, please read on.

Not only does the dog groomer ensures they doll up your dog, by having a lush and beautiful fur, frequent trip to the groomer also help prevent parasite infestation.

If you want to DIY grooming your dog instead of a mobile dog groomer, this article will show you how to style your dog like a professional groomer does.

So let’s get started to be a “Dog Groomer Singapore” edition.

DIY Tip – Simple Brushing and Bathing your Dog

Like human, sometime we prep our bath with perfumes and essential oils. Likewise, when you first start bathing and brushing your dog, spend some time preparing the bath by properly brushing them before bathing them.

Here’s why you need to brush your dog before bathing them is because it will help to remove excess loose fur from their body. By removing these loose fur, will greatly enhance the bath quality. 

You can use combs, bristle brush or slick brush to brush your dog and brushing to remove excess loose hair is quite simple. All you need is to use a detangling grooming spray to hasten the process.  Start from the head and work your way down to their tails. Gently remove the tangles as you don’t want your dog to get hurt. 

It can be painful for them. 

After that, you can start bathing your dog. Just make sure that the water is not icy cold or super hot. It should be at room temperature. Try using a ophthalmic ointment to protect their eyes. Place a cotton ball on their ears also as this will prevent water from entering into their ear. 

If you don’t know which shampoo to buy, simply ask the vet for recommendation. Just remember that never use our shampoo on dog. It may cause skin irritations on them.

Now you can wash and massage them from the neck to the tail. Use a clean cloth to wipe their face. After that, wash thoroughly with plain water, wipe them dry if you want to. 

There you have it. A clean dog. 

Try out and let us know how it goes. 

If you find that you don’t have the luxury to bath your fur friend, you can find a dog groomer near you to help you too.