How Important Poodle require to do grooming?

Poodleis known as second most intelligent breed dog behind Border Collie.A very skillful dog, particularly, famous for sports, circus performance, tracking and assistance dog. They are recorded as the seventh most popular dog breed in the United States.

Poodle Grooming

Maintaining curly coat free of tangles and mats can be a full-time job. As grooming contributes to poodle’s health and its fluffy good looks as well, so one should have time and resources to learn about grooming of Poodle. The Poodle first became an official American Kennel Club(AKC) registered breed back in 1887.

Due to the fact that Poodles wearing exclusive coat clips can appear very one-of-a-kind from one another, if you are new to Poodles, it can be pretty effortless to suppose you are searching at two absolutely special canine breeds as a substitute than sincerely admiring two Poodles with extraordinary haircuts. To add to the confusion, Poodles are now being crossbred with different canine breeds to produce famous so-called “designer dogs.”

You can get Cockapoos, Maltipoos, Peekapoos and even Shih Poostoo!

Poodle hair basics

Poodles are well known for their high maintenance coat. Poodle hair is notoriously grooming-intensive. Even if you don’t go in for problematic show-worthy grooming styles, the Poodle’s naturally curly fur requires near-constant brushing, clipping and trimming to maintain.

Poodle Grooming Tips

Between the age of 9 months to 18 months poodle hair gets transition from puppy hair to adult. Most of the people do not do not grow into their full adult coat until they do not reach age of 3 years. For adult dogs professional grooming at least every 3 to 6 weeks is highly recommended.

Poodle grooming tools

Unless you plan to show your Poodle, you don’t need to go all out with fancy Poodle grooming clips. You can opt for an easier-to-maintain, straightforward clip that you can learn to do yourself. The same basic grooming tools are used for standard, miniature and toy Poodle grooming styles. In the same way, learning how to groom a Miniature Poodle uses the same basic set of steps as learning to groom a toy or standard Poodle. As well, even if you plan to take your Poodle to the groomer’s regularly, you will still need to acquire some basic supplies and tools for at-home coat brushing and maintenance.

Gentle dog-safe shampoo

The best kinds of dog shampoo are hypoallergenic for sensitive purposes. Use of such kind of shampoo will clean up the entire area and easily rinse all the dust particles. Use of shampoo will enhance the pretty of poodle and keeps it safe from different diseases.       


To keep mats and tangles to a minimum invest in some good dog conditioneris used. After shampoo use of conditioner will further nourish poodle hair. Poodle will looks more fluffy and worth seeing.

Electric shaver with razor and comb attachments

You’ll need a clipper set to groom and trim large areas of fur. These areas have massive amount of hair which are not easy to cut down with the help of scissors. Electric trimmer will cut down bulky hair without any damage.

Slicker brush

Slicker brushes help to remove mats, tangles, shed hair.

Bristle brush

Bristle brushes are great for grooming out tangle and attaining mat-free coat hair. To give a proper direction to hair bristle brush is usually used. Uneven hairs are very difficult to handle for grooming. Bristle brush is used to align the hair so that grooming will be easier. 

Steel scissors

To trim around sensitive areas and remove big tangles and mats you’ll need some good Poodle grooming scissors. Steel is supposed to be germ free metal and it transfer minimum amount of germs. Steel scissors are used to trim those areas where trimmer is not applicable. It is used after trimmer to further minimize hair according to desired size and style. But one should be conscious while using scissors because it is very sharp and it may damage poodle.

Blow dryer

A good dog hair dryer can be great for drying hair before/after grooming as needed for styling. After grooming, hair become uneven and poodle looks ugly. To beautify poodle blow dryer should be used to make it worth seeing because if it will not look elegant after a lot of work all of your efforts will waste.