Benefits of Grooming Your Cat

benefits of cat grooming

If you own a cat with long hair, I bet you know the importance of daily grooming for your cat.

Cats with long coats of hair require regular grooming as they are more likely to be tangled.

Even a cat with short hair requires frequent grooming to prevent her from ingesting her own hair when she self-grooms.

Regular grooming helps to maintain the health of your cats.

You can read about some benefits of grooming your cat below:

  • Brushing helps to maintain skin and coat health of your cat
  • Checking for parasites on your cat, e.g. flea
  • Develop bonding between cat owner and the cat
  • Tackle tangles before they become mats if you perform frequent brushing
  • Desensitising the cat to being handled by human, particularly the owner or groomer
  • Check for for health issues such as skin abnormality

If you have been brushing your cat regularly, grooming session can be short.

Whenever you can, try to brush your cat regularly in order to maintain his coat in good condition.

If your cat has long hair, brush her for several minutes daily.

If your cat’s hair is short, brushing two or three times per week is sufficient.

Remember these benefits of grooming your cat to motivate you to start grooming your cat more often.

However, if you simply do not have the time to personally do it yourself, you can hire us as your mobile cat groomer if you are in Singapore.