3 Things To Buy For Your New Puppy At Home

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So you just got yourself a new puppy?

The next thing to do is to get your new found love some new items to keep yourself and your new friend happy!

We recommend these 3 things to buy for your new puppy at home!

1. DIY Safety Play Pen for your Puppy

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Every puppy should have its own corner at a designated area in your house.

We recommend going for a play pen that is at least 4 times the length of your puppy, measured from the nose of your pupy to the tip of its tail.

As for the height of the puppy to the height of the play pen, at least 2.5 times taller than your puppy.

This ensures that you can keep your puppy safely within the confine of the play pen.

Also, we encourage you to go for heavier paint-coated metal crates over plastic ones as they are too light and are easily moved around accidentally.

2. Simple Green Bio Dog Stain and Odour Remover

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It is always handy to have a good stain and odour remover to deal with “accidents” around the house.

Sometimes your puppy will urinate at areas where it is not supposed to, hence a proper stain and odour remover is essential to eliminate any foul smell caused by the puppy’s urine or faeces.

We recommend Simple Green Bio Dog Pet Stain and Odor Remover.

It helps to removes tough stains without tough chemicals.

It’s perfect for use on those places where stinky pet odours build up and on the “accidents” they have.

3. Orijen Puppy Food

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A puppy that is growing requires all the best nutrition that it can get.

Orijen Puppy Food is loaded with all the high-nourishing proteins and fats that your puppy requires for achieving peak health.

ORIJEN’s award-winning puppy food that are low-glycemic, supports the building of lean muscle mass, and at the same time giving your puppy all the energy that he needs.

When it comes to puppy food, this is the number 1 choice among all our happy clients!

There you go, these are the 3 things to buy for your new puppy at home to make you and your puppy happy!

Last but not least, remember to pamper your puppy with a grooming session when the time comes.